Pako Highway is inspired by early 2000s arcade racing games with endless twist!


Drive through endless highways, do near-misses with traffic to gain BOOST, when boost meter is filled, CRASH to traffic to gain more time to play clock! You gain gold by doing as long run as possible and get rewards based on how long boost has been used, how many near-misses and other things.


Menus: Mouse
Steering ← →: A + D


We are happy to hear feedback about the game! More stages and lots of cars are planned.  If the web version seems unstable,  we have the game available on Google Play too.

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorTree Men Games
Made withUnity, Blender
TagsArcade, Endless Runner, High Score, highway, Low-poly, outrun, Synthwave
Average sessionA few minutes

Also available on


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I loved PAKO 1&2 so much and this is just another one for me where you nailed it. It's so much fun and I can't wait to see what you're going to do with it.

Also some feedback:

  • When failing in 1st person, restarting switches back to 3rd
  • Would be nice to switch cam etc. with a keyboard shortcut on PC (altough it's obviously meant to be played on mobile)
  • Sometimes there are clusters of cars that don't move and in some cases even block the road completely so that you can't not fail

Nevertheless, I love the handling, the music, the art style. Just so much fun!

Гра дуже сподобалася, хочу щоб оновлення виходили та покращували гру, також було б непогано зробити більш абширний профіль гравця, дякую за гру.


It's a lot of fun even in this early stage. Can't wait to see more. :) 


This reminds me of one of my favourite games NFS hot pursuit


Thank you! Old NFS games were rad!


Awesome and super fun game. The new retro wave aesthetic, music and gameplay are the highlight. It gets even more fun using boost to hit vehicles.

Thank you! We are updating this quite often too, so there is new stuff every now and then, tomorrow prob some visual updates / updates to the UI!


Also, a bug: sometimes in traffic the npc cars appear too close and forming lines of them :)

Yep, working on that!

i like that its like bonus points

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A racing mode where you have to kick oponents out of the road by hitting them in a certain amount of time, but idk its alredy a great game, but add (suggestion) a peugeot 205 and miata clones for the vibe

thanks for the feedback! We have some ideas for modes and that is great idea too! More cars are def coming!

What would you like to see more? 


Downloadable Windows build please? :) 


We will see.. atm we are most comfortable with the Android version to be the downloadable one and this here sort of a taste, but this might change as development continues.